The hepatitis B shot given to every newborn at 12 hours old was safety tested for only 4 days. The Coronavirus shot will probably be tested longer than that. [1]


Hepatitis B is spread by promiscuity and needle sharing. No newborn is doing that, and nobody around newborns doesn't know if they have Hep B. [2]


Every pregnant woman is tested while pregnant, for Hepatitis B. So they know if they have it or not and if there is a risk of giving it to her baby before it is born. So why push the shot on 12-hour old babies? [3]


Believe it or not, the manufacturers of those shots have no liability for adverse reactions to their products. And neither do doctors, nurses, clinics, or the hospitals giving these shots. [4]


And, all immunizations are classified as biologics, unlike prescription drugs, which are classified as pharmaceuticals. [5]


That's kind of important to know because ALL biologics suppress the immune system and increase the risk of infections.  [6]

‍And, did you know biologics do not have the same Gold Standard double-blind placebo-controlled safety studies that pharmaceuticals do. That is kind of important to me when giving an elective medical procedure to my baby. [7]


And since babies have been skipping their well-baby visits (aka: shot visits) during the Covid shutdown, about 200 fewer babies are dying on a weekly basis. [8]

Could the reason so many babies have bad reactions to their shots be because they have so much aluminum?

Or could it be because there is no way of knowing who is genetically predisposed? 

Or maybe its because they are given so many, so soon?


Lots of stuff going on here to think about. Now is a great time to start your research. ️















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