Scarlet’s Story - Part 4: Shots for School & a Miralax Reaction

Age: 4 - 6 years old


In May 2018, I was pressured to give Scarlet her booster shots in order for her to start school in the fall [1, 2]. Her pediatrician refused us an exemption, even with her extensive medical history. He insisted she suffered no previous allergic responses. Against my better judgment, I allowed for the administration of the vaccinations for the benefit of attending public school. I’ll never forgive myself for doing so. A few days after the injections Scarlet fell so hard while walking, we were sure she had passed out. She had permanent damage to her front upper tooth and a massive cut on her knee that left a scar that is still there over two years later. She had never before or since fallen so hard as to injure herself this way. 


Post-injection, She suffered from severe abdominal cramping for three weeks [3, 4]. She would lay on the heating pad begging for relief. Her severe constipation returned, and we immediately lost all of the gut health gains we had accomplished over the previous three years. She had been recently potty trained and had gotten out of diapers but after the shots she lost control of her bowel and the diapers made a comeback. She would barely eat, and sleep became interrupted again. The tantrums came back and so did the stammering, stuttering, and repeating of words that had disappeared the year prior while in therapy. Our family therapist noted the differences and was shocked to see the regression after receiving her shots. 


In July 2018, about 71 days after the school shots, we were back in the emergency room and admitted to the hospital. This time she had an intense headache and couldn’t move her neck. We had to call an ambulance so they could use the gurney to get her to the ER because sitting her up for the car ride was impossible. We were admitted overnight, but no diagnosis was given. In the hospital, she was being monitored for meningitis [5, 6, 7], and we were told that she might have been dehydrated and suffering from a migraine. But, at one point, they were ready to do a spinal tap and a Ct scan because they wanted to rule out meningitis. We couldn’t get the symptoms to break on ibuprofen alone, so we went home alternating Tylenol and Ibuprofen around the clock without any definitive answers. Thankfully everything went away within the week. However, I couldn’t help but wonder if this illness could have been ‘aseptic meningitis’ induced by the polio vaccine she had received in her school shots. I know it seems like a long span between the shot and the reaction, but her first reaction as a baby with Hep B took three weeks to become an emergency. Then I learned that it could easily be weeks or months sometimes before reactions happen [8]. It was time to search for more in-depth answers to what was causing all of this. 


In the Summer of 2018, I decided to opt for hair follicle and gene testing, hoping to uncover more clues. For Hair Follicle tests, we used Dr. Amy Yasko, with [9, 10]. The test costs about $120.00. This company came highly recommended, and after seeing dozens of other tests they did, we became clients. We finally received results back on a sample of hair, from the tips of her first haircut, essentially her baby hair from about one year old. The test showed an excess of toxic metals such as Aluminum, Arsenic, Barium, Tin, etc. [11]. My heart sank. I was sure now that she must be suffering from the health effects of metal poisoning from the vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and medical treatments she had received [12, 13, 14]. We could see it in black and white now with our own eyes. 


A few weeks later, the gene test came back. We used an independent lab that comes highly recommended, called Maximized Genetics [15]. I chose this lab because they offered an additional test panel for 20+ MTHFR SNP’s that other labs did not provide. The two tests cost about $350.00. The results showed that Scarlet has one copy of the MTHFR c677t gene variant and two other lesser-known MTHFR gene variants [16, 17, 18]. I was beside myself but knew enough to know what we needed to do, which was to detox [19]. We used a zeolite that captures the aluminum ion to be secreted [20, 21]. We also started seeing a Holistic practitioner and started high-dose Vitamin C, omega 3, and probiotics. We started buying organic as much as possible. We did every bath with Epsom salts to gently detox through the skin, as proven through the Autism study [22, 23]. You name it – we’re willing to do it. And we see significant gains!! 

In 2019 we gained most bowel control back. We have gotten almost all of the way out of diapers, with an occasional accident. The stuttering came and then went away. The intermittent stomach cramping and pain have mostly gone away. But severe constipation persists, causing megacolon, and we are on a bowel regime of stool softeners and laxatives to help shrink her colon. She only has a bowel movement once or twice per week. You could imagine the pain and discomfort with passing such a large, hard stool. Because of this, her eating is minimal, as well. She eats a few bites per meal at best. The behavior is mostly manageable, but still, it can be very disruptive to our entire household. The difference is NOW WE KNOW! It is much easier to help her get what she needs now that we KNOW what was going on. Knowledge is power!


In January 2020, Scarlet graduated out of Diapers and uses the toilet exclusively! We finished the gentle experimental detox and received more hair follicle testing [24, 25]. Recently, Scarlet suffered from a reaction to MiraLax developed tics after a bowel cleanout. It was another lesson and a reminder of how sensitive her body has become to any synthetic toxin. Here are more links to information about MiraLax [26]


While Scarlet still suffers from extreme constipation and occasional behavior meltdowns, she now has the tools in her toolbox to be able to work through her emotional disruptions and digestive pains. She is currently still under the care of several different specialists, as needed, such as her chiropractor and GI team. But it’s mostly for management and maintenance. Scarlet may suffer from bowel issues for the rest of her life, but we hope that she will make a complete recovery with time and the right regimen. 







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