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           Having a child unexpectedly admitted to the hospital or diagnosed with a serious disease is life-changing. Many parents instantly become full-time caretakers & it’s easy to be blindsided by the isolation of living bedside while advocating for their child. Occasionally, parents are forced to quit their job leaving them financially strained. We know because we have been there. 


     Scarlet's Kids Foundation is committed to providing relief to families during their child's hospital stay. From gifts to grants, we have it covered. We deliver gift baskets to the child's hospital room. These gift baskets come as a welcomed distraction and sometimes include gift cards for coffee, gas, groceries, or CASH! 


We also provide resources to help families with any needs not being met. From support groups to help to pay for medical bills, we make sure to help each family depending on their individual need.

Gifts, Grants, and Support 
for Hospitalized and Chronically Ill Children

Scarlet's Kids Foundation INC:  Founded by Scarlet’s mom who spent countless days & nights bedside at Rady Children’s Hospital with her sick baby. During her stay, she discovered that the bland, boring setting of a hospital room was a challenging environment for children of all ages. So she came up with the idea to brighten a child’s day and soon Scarlet’s Kids was born. Her ideas have blossomed since she started in 2015, from just a few random acts of kindness to a full-fledged 501(C)(3) non-profit organization, creating the perfect gift for a hospitalized child. In addition to giftings, Barbara and her team of volunteers provide support in several other ways including an online support group, free memorial lockets, gift cards, special requests, and sibling gifts.  

Meet Baby Xavier: Meet George Xavier who, along with a few others, inspired Scarlet's mom to start something she never dreamt was possible. After gifting numerous care packages and fundraising for the family she decided to start a foundation that gifts and supports families of all hospitalized kids.
Special thank you to the Binghit Family for sharing your boy and your story with us. Without knowing them, we would have never known the true meaning of giving.

"We believe that hospitalized children deserve love & support 
year-round, not just during Christmas." 

  • Gift Cards for Gasoline, Coffee, Groceries

  • Cash Grants (to help cover expenses after an unexpected hospitalization​​)

  • Free Gift Delivery to Hospitalized Children

  • Packages Mailed Home (when visits aren't possible)

  • Siblings Included in Giftings per Request of Applicant

  • All Chronically Ill and Medically Complex Kids Eligible


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