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When Scarlet was a baby she was rushed to the emergency room and admitted to the NICU with a severe vaccine reaction.


She spent her first Halloween fighting for her life and survived surgical necrotizing enterocolitis, an ostomy and exploratory surgery, an ileostomy reversal and several emergency room visits. She now battles every day against the leftover effects of heavy metal poisoning caused by too many shots, too soon. She is still under the care of several specialists and has been left with severe bowel dysfunction and emotional dysregulation.

Despite these obstacles, and with lots of work, she is now thriving and educating people on the dangers of over-aggressive vaccination.


Scarlet's Story - Pt 1:

Her First Shots & The NICU

Scarlet's Story - Pt 2:

Another Surgery, More Shots,  and Tics

Scarlet's Story - Pt 3:

Hypotonic Hyporesponsive Episodes or Breath-Holding Spells?

Scarlet's Story - Part 4:

Shots for School & A Miralax Reaction

Hair Analysis #1

Hair Analysis #2

Hair Analysis #3

Gene Test Results

Did You Know?

MEET Violet Star: Her sister's number one fan and also a NICU baby. She was born at 38 weeks by an emergency cesarian and was admitted to the NICU with breathing-related issues. Violet began to struggle with ADD and Asthma after getting caught up on shots for school. But, she doesn't let it get her down & has become Scarlet's biggest supporter. Violet also became our family hero when she found her mom unconscious on the floor and went for help. She is an amazing kid who is in the Gifted and Talented Program at School. 

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