MEET Scarlet California

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Scarlet has a life-long history of complex medical issues including surviving vaccine reactions, necrotizing enterocolitis, metal poisoning, hypotonic hyporesponsive episodes and sensory processing difficulties.

Scarlet's Story - Pt 1: Her First Shots & The NICU

Scarlet's Story - Pt 2: Another Surgery, More Shots,  and Tics

Scarlet's Story - Pt 3: Hypotonic Hyporesponsive Episodes or BHS?

Scarlet's Story - Part 4: Shots for School & A Miralax Reaction

Hair Analysis #1 , Hair Analysis #2, Hair Analysis #3

Gene Test Results

Did You Know?

MEET Violet Star; Her sisters' number one fan and also a NICU baby. She was born at 38 weeks by emergency cesarian and was admitted to the NICU with breathing-related issues. Violet still struggles with ADD and Asthma, but she doesn't let it get her down & has become Scarlet's biggest supporter. 

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